Redhawk Kennels effective 2019 no longer will be breeding Redbone Coonhounds. We are referring all puppy inquiries to: 

Redleaf Kennels( click on the name and it will take you there) 

Currently we have One 8 mo old male looking for placement contact us for additional information

Redhawk Kennels~ Located in the Heart of Oklahoma, OKC. Redhawk Kennels was etablished in 1995 and went exclusive to the Redbone Coonhound breed in 1999. Our breeding program is based on our goal to produce a hound that is an all around companion for anyone who has an active lifestyle.

While our primary activity is showing in conformation and coonhound bench shows. We also enjoy obedience, treeing contest, &  water racing.  We have been criticized for our decision not to hunt our dogs, but we have produced pups that will and do hunt for others.  Redbones are great with their nose, and we are proud to say that in 2012 we produced our first Service dog. She is trained to assist with mobility, as well as other activities for the disabled.  

Redhawk Kennels became a AKC Breeder of Merit in 2012, by producing several AKC Bred By conformation Champions of record. We are honored to have received this recognition by AKC and live by a Breeder Code of Ethics. We were honored in 2015 as we received our first Special Invitation to attend the Wesminister Dog show in New York. This is an honor given to the Top 5 conformation dogs for their breed within that year. It is our standard and goal to produce hounds that are balanced in mind, correct in structure as well as genetically healthy.

It is our policy that  all Redhawk Kennel dogs are health tested  and OFFA certified for Hips & Elbows at minimum prior to entering our breeding program. See our page "Why Genetic health test"? Our breeding dogs also must have completed a title of Champion under one or more registries. Showing a dog is part of an outside evaluation of breeding stock, It is an avenue to receive another persons opinion of that dog. Which is matched up to the "Written Standard" for the breed that was issued by AKC &/or UKC. Many Redhawk Kennel Redbones hold more than one title under more than one registry. With that said the hounds produced here at our kennel meet or exceed the standard of more than one registry.