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Redhawk Kennels~ Located in the Heart of Oklahoma, OKC. Redhawk Kennels was established in 1995 with German Shepherd dogs, then adding the Redbone Coonhound in 1997. In 1999 we went exclusive to the Redbone Coonhound breed and strived to have health tested champions of record and produce a great hound for anyone for both work and play. 

Redhawk Kennels became a AKC Breeder of Merit in 2012, by producing several AKC Bred By Redbone Coonhound conformation Champions of record. We are honored to have received this recognition by AKC and live by a Breeder Code of Ethics. We were honored in 2014 and 2018, by receiving the Special Invitation to attend the Westminister Dog show in New York the following year. This is an honor given to the Top 5 conformation dogs for their breed within that year. 

Effective 2019, Redhawk Kennels will no longer be producing litters of Redbone Coonhounds due to some physical limitations on my part as I can no longer handle the size of these wonderful dogs. As heart breaking as it may be for me, it is best for myself and the dogs as they need more than I can provide physically. Redhawk Kennels will always be home to one or two hounds however no longer breeding. Our legacy lives on at Redleaf Coonhounds, Alberta Canada and Miramaxx Kennels, Assonet MA.  


Because I love the hobby of show dogs, it was decided that I would find smaller breed(s) to enjoy. My interest was drawn to two toy breeds. The first being FSS rare breed known as the Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka. The "Bolonka" are a large curl/wavy coated breed of Bichon type that was founded in Moscow Russia with a history going back to the 18th century. Tsvetnaya Bolonka loosely translates to "Colored Lap Dog".  More information can be found on the Breed page here.  I also wanted a Shih Tzu, a popular toy breed already accepted and a fully recognized AKC breed, since I had a small amount of experience in showing a Shih Tzu in UKC/AKC. This will be an adventure and it is our goal to continue in our success with showing and breeding quality dogs.