History & Breed Information

Historically,  Russia was never known for toy breeds due to older Russian attitudes of utilitarianism.  Merchants and farmers would never keep an animal that was not a"working dog" of some kind.  The ancestors of today's Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka migrated to the Russian Empire with Napoleon's army and were known as "French Bolonka".  Bolonka simply means "lapdog" and Tsvetnaya Bolonka means "coloured lap dog".  After Napoleon's army retreated, a few of the breed remained in Russia and become the foundation stock the present day Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka. The standards for these breeds were confirmed by the Russian Kennel Federation (RKF) in the summer of 1997. The first Bolonka to enter the US was in 2000 by Candace Mogavero, who remains heavily active in the breed today as the President of the Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka Club of America. 

These little dogs are the ultimate house pet for any size home. Sweet, loving and willing to please. Currently they are part of the AKC Foundation Stock service and once accepted will migrate into the AKC Toy Group. The RSBCA is moving as quickly as possible to move them into the Misc category then on to full recognition. This does take time and hard work while preserving the breed standard and type. The average life span is 12-16 years. Height at 8-10 inches not to exceed 11 inches. Average weight 4.5-11 pounds.  

The Bolonka are considered one of the smartest of all Toy breeds. Easily trained and very willing to please. Much like the Bischon the Bolonka Do not Shed, therefore they do require coat care by brushing at minimum 3 times a week while in coat to remove any dead hair. They also can be cut down to a shorter length for easier care if not used as a show dog. Bathing every 2-3 weeks with a quality shampoo and conditioner is highly recommended. Nail trimming is a weekly necessity , as their nails grow quickly. Eye and face cleaning daily to keep clean, Ears cleaned weekly and hair removed to keep any debris they may pickup out. 

The average price of a Bolonka due to the rare nature of the breed in the US is from $1000-$3500. Dependng on the breeder. Importation can be done however the cost is much higher and a lot of planning and added expenses are added on to get the Bolonka transported safely.