Int. Nat. CH. UKC CCH. AKC CH. "PR" Redhawks Ooh Lah Lah

DNA- V749666 OFA Hips RCN-22G24F-VPI Elbows RCN-EL11F24-VPI

Heart RCN-ACA5/53F-VPI ; Eyes RCN-EYE15/53F-PI ; DCM RCN-DCM1/51F-PI


UKC GRCH. "PR" Sidearm Jungle Boy

AKC BIS GCH. UKC CWSG CCH. GRCCH."PR" Sidearm The Jungle King Mufassa

GRCH. CH. "PR"Sidearm The Meerkat Manner

OFA Hips RCN-27G36M-VPI ; Elbow RCN-EL1636-VPI

Heart RCN-CA2/17M/C-VPI ; Eyes RCN-EYE5/17M-VPI

UKC GRCH. "PR" Sidearm Jungle Rhythmn

UKC CH."PR"Sidearm Jungle Fever

UKC CH. "PR"Sidearm Bad Moon Risin'

"Hershey"  is one of our Keppers from 2018 Paris X Timon Litter

She like her sister have big shoes to fill. Their dam and grand dam have won many titles and gone on to produce with consistency many AKC, UKC & Int. Champions. We look forward to this girl.

Check back and watch her grow

"PR"Scarlett Irish Red

AKC SGC. UKC GRCH. CCH."PR"Bolt Action Reverend Jones

AKC CH. UKC GRCH."PR" Rockin" W Mistress Of The Night

Int. CH. AKC CH. UKC CCH"PR"Redhawks Forever Charmed, CGC

DNA-P V679413 OFA Hips RCN-22G24F-VPI ; Elbows RCN-EL-11F24-VPI

Heart RCN-CA1/59F/C-VPI ; Eyes RCN-EYE2/59F-VPI

Redhawks Everything's Better With Chocolate

Stewarts Bell

"PR"Duckfoot Lakes" Cryin Corcrin

Int CH. UKC GRCH. CCH. "PR"Howlin Hills SpongeBob Squarpants

DNA -V679412OFA Hips RCN-9G59M-VPI ; Elbows RCN-EL1M59-VPI