Int. Nat. CH. UKC CCH. AKC CH. "PR" Redhawks Ooh Lah Lah

DNA- V749666 OFA Hips RCN-22G24F-VPI Elbows RCN-EL11F24-VPI

Heart RCN-ACA5/53F-VPI ; Eyes RCN-EYE15/53F-PI ; DCM RCN-DCM1/51F-PI


AKC SGC. UKC GRCH. CCH."PR"Bolt Action Reverend Jones

AKC CH. UKC GRCH."PR" Rockin" W Mistress Of The Night

UKC GRCH. "PR" Sidearm Jungle Boy

AKC BIS GCH. UKC CWSG CCH. GRCCH."PR" Sidearm The Jungle King Mufassa

Int. CH. AKC CH. UKC CCH"PR"Redhawks Forever Charmed, CGC

DNA-P V679413 OFA Hips RCN-22G24F-VPI ; Elbows RCN-EL-11F24-VPI

Heart RCN-CA1/59F/C-VPI ; Eyes RCN-EYE2/59F-VPI

Redhawks Everything's Better With Chocolate

Stewarts Bell

GRCH. CH. "PR"Sidearm The Meerkat Manner

OFA Hips RCN-27G36M-VPI ; Elbow RCN-EL1636-VPI

Heart RCN-CA2/17M/C-VPI ; Eyes RCN-EYE5/17M-VPI

"PR"Duckfoot Lakes" Cryin Corcrin

UKC GRCH. "PR" Sidearm Jungle Rhythmn

UKC CH."PR"Sidearm Jungle Fever

Int CH. UKC GRCH. CCH. "PR"Howlin Hills SpongeBob Squarpants

DNA -V679412OFA Hips RCN-9G59M-VPI ; Elbows RCN-EL1M59-VPI

UKC CH. "PR"Sidearm Bad Moon Risin'

"Hershey"  is one of our Keppers from 2018 Paris X Timon Litter

She like her sister have big shoes to fill. Their dam and grand dam have won many titles and gone on to produce with consistency many AKC, UKC & Int. Champions. We look forward to this girl.

Check back and watch her grow

"PR"Scarlett Irish Red