Why Genetic Health Test..?

What is the OFFA ? The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.. This is an organization that helps promote the health & welfare of companion animals through a reduction of incidence of genetic disease. They have a collective database providing breeders a means to respond to the challenge of improving the genetic health of their breed through better breeding practices. Most of this testing such as Hips & Elbows cannot be certifiedprior to the dogs age of 24months. See the following link http://www.offa.org 

The Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka is presumably a healthy breed therefore, many breeders may choose not to test. However, we have discovered that is not in the best interest of any breed. Therefore, It is and always will be our policy to test all our dogs and obtain a OFFA certification through DNA or Exam  for specific diseases as indicated by the Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka Club of America. We highly recommend that others do  the same. 

It is our understanding that Bolonkas can be affected and/or carriers of the following inherited conditions. And these are the recommendations of the Russian Tsvetnaya Club of America.

* Progressive Retinal Atrophy~ can be detected by DNA 

​* Patellar Luxation~ Exam done by licensed Veterinarian sent to OFA for certification at 14 months 

​* Legg Calve Perthes~ X-ray at age of 2 yrs for certification

​​* Teeth Detention~ Exam by Licensed Vet

* Short Coat Gene~ DNA (no certification) and non-life threatening