Why Genetic Health Test..?

What is the OFFA ? The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.. This is an organization that helps promote the health & welfare of companion animals through a reduction of incidence of genetic disease. They have a collective database providing breeders a means to respond to the challenge of improving the genetic health of their breed through better breeding practices. Most of this testing such as Hips & Elbows cannot be certifiedprior to the dogs age of 24months. See the following link http://www.offa.org/results.html?page=2#results

 AS OF APRIL 2017, REDHAWK KENNELS WILL BE PARTICIPATING IN A DNA STUDY OF THE REDBONE COONHOUND. WE HAVE PULLED DNA FROM 5 OF OUR DOGS IN WHICH MORE THAN 160 GENETIC HEALTH TEST WILL BE DONE. It is our hope to get a better understanding of the breed it self and will share that information.

Redhawk Kennels feels giving a genetic health guarantee would not be wise if our breeding stock had not been tested for genetic health. We cannot assume that the dogs in our breeding program are healthy without this testing. The Redbone coonhound is presumably a healthy breed therefore, many breeders choose not to test. However, here at Redhawk Kennels we do and currently dominate the amount of  Redbone coonhounds tested to date. It is our goal to produce dogs that live long past 12 yrs. without health issues.

Most health test certifications cannot be obtained until after the age of 24 months. Preliminary results do not count . Both sire and Dam should be tested and certified and on record with OFFA prior to being used in a breeding program.  

Other Health issues that may effect the Redbone coonhound are food allergies to things such as Corn, Wheat, Soy as well as other grains. The do not require an all protein diet however, a quality food such as Salmon & Potato or something similar to that. Find one that works for you, it is recommended to stay away from grocery store or Walmart brand foods. We also find that a protein rating of no more than 26% does well from puppyhood to adult therefore not causing growth issues. Many commercial dog foods lack in some vital nutrients so a supplement may be needed if you choose a lower grade good.