We use the Puppy protocols on all litters of Bolonka or Shih Tzu.

This system helps the puppy and new owners learn and grow together.

here are a few highlights of the program

1. Early Neuro Stimulation~ getting the puppy used to being touched stimulates the brain, therefore creating a smarter dog

2. Sound and tactile Stimulation~ Introduction to sounds such as things in household, Thunder, car sounds etc. This also stimulates the brain. 

3. Litter box Training~ Dogs do not want to eliminate where they sleep, we introduce the litter box as soon as the puppies are walking and eyes are open. This helps with house training

4. Manding~ using a marker and clicker as the dog learns to ask for what he wants

By doing these protocols and keeping the puppies with their mother and siblings the puppies learn how to be social and have the manners that most families would like in a good pet. 

The puppies will stay in our home until they are at minimum 12 weeks. This helps to mold and shape the personality that the dog will have most of it's life. They will have experienced fear and overcome it with confidence building exercises. They will have the opportunity to have the beginning of house training down. The puppies will have learned household noises and be socialized with strangers as well as family. Thus, giving you a well rounded happy puppy that is willing and eager to learn new things not fear the unknown.